Sultan Saladin Ayubi and Herman

It was the Secne in July 1187 when the crusade seven rulers of a united army gather in Hateen to crush the Sultan Saladin Ayubi and then takeover to Mecca and Medina. They got historic defeat from Sultan because all Europe military power was united in this fight. They were among seven .70 million mentioned in some traditions or 1 million. Ayyubid Sultan’s army was not even a quarter of them . But moving was captured at Accra. And took away the Great cross. He was on the cross, according to their belief that Jesus was crucified

When they arrest and brought to the police intelligence chief in Sultan. He said to Sultan, O Leader This war we are fighting is not between me and you and my kings. It fight between the Kaaba and the church is the Crescent and the Cross. Which will continue even after our death. We will not fight with you in the battlefield more , we will not conquer a country, we will blockade the religious beliefs of Muslims. Our girls will have a crack in our wealth and our civilization called Islam walls of your indecency. They will not see the time you will not see our souls.

Sultan Saladin was listening carefully to the words of German origin Hermann and Hermann was saying Sultan you know why we made Arab jbg field? Just because Muslims worship facing the region and the Muslim Mosque. We want to end the Muslim center. You’ll save the temple from our possession today, but when you go up to the mosque shall be our place of worship. The forecast barley’m predicting it to the beat of our own and our goal is to see the nature of people is not going to beat you

Our goal is not to defeat you and Sultan moor ud din zangi. but no more born any Sultan Nuruddin Zangi, Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi in your nation.

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