Sacrifice of Hazrat Ali RA

Ali RA came home once and Fatima (may Allah be pleased with her) said i spun yarn dough, did you come to the market to sell it .i bread Hassan and Hussain RA.
Ali RA took yarn to market and sold it six bucks. Then he wanted to buy some thing with mone. Same time someone question, call the

“من یقرض اللہ قرضا حسنا”

Ali RA gave money to beggar.
After a while there was a Bedouin. He has a large fat a camel and say Ali RA would you buy it? he said i not have money, I’m not saying the money he borrowed the camel skills went away in the hands of Ali RA
After some time second Bedouin’s appeared and says I’ll take him three hundred pence in cash. he gave three hundred pence in cash and left with the camel. Ali RA try to find the first Bedouin but he can’t.
Ali RA came home and see That Holy Prophet PBUH sit with Hazrat Fatima RA and saw him with smile and says i will tell you the story of the camel or you’re telling yourself. Ali RA said i want to heard from you. The Prophet unattended was the first Bedouin Gabriel and second Bedouin was Archangel Raphael and the camel from paradise on it Fatima RA will be ride in the paradise.
God rewarded your sacrifice. You have been sacrifice like six bucks and he rewarded you three hundred to buy and sell of camel in the world.