The Bath (Ghusal)

One can secure cleanness of the body from major uncleanness (Hadath Akbar or janabath) by undertaking bath

Bath means To wash the body. But Islam stipulates a particular way for the performance of bath

The method stipulated for bath is first to wash one’s hand including the writst joints, then to wash the secret parts and wash off the major uncleanness if any, from the body then to perform ablution then to rub the whole of the body with sufficient quantity of water, there to pour water over the body three times then to rinse the mouth and pass water into the nostrils

There are 3 obligations in bath 1) rinsing the mouth 2) passing water into nostrils and 3) poring water all over the body

There are 5 sunnah in bath 1) washing the hands including wrist joints 2) washing secret parts as well as the part of the body that is unclean 3) having the intention to remove uncleanness 4) performing ablution 5) pouring water thrice all over the body