Proper way of worship

Worship can take several forms such as

  1. Saying Salat
  2. Fasting
  3. Giving Alms
  4. Perfroming Hajj
  5. Offering sacrifices
  6. Retiring to masjid in Itikaf
  7. Exhorting people to do good
  8. Forbidding them to do evil
  9. Giving respect and regards to one’s parents, teachers and elders
  10. Setting up schools.
  11. Studying religion.
  12. Imparting religious knowledge and education to others.
  13. Helping those who would study religion.
  14. Fighting Allah enemies for the sack of Allah.
  15. Attending to the needs of the poor.
  16. Feeding the hungry.
  17. Extinguishing the thirst of the thirsty Doing such other acts as Allah command and approves of also falls within the precincts of worship.                                                      There very acts and practices as known as noble deeds