Miswaak (twigs) benefits

Dilbar Mansour was a trader and a sincere man they say I met a new Muslim in Switzerland and i gifted the miswaak to new Muslim brother. He took it and sets to eyes and Then came the tears in his eyes. And then he pulled a handkerchief from the pocket So it was a very small one to keep a twigs of about two inches He said that when I become a Muslim, Muslims were offering me miswaak as gift. I continue to use it very carefully so that the piece left. You are very kind with me then
He told his story
I was in pain and my teeth and gums were suffering from a disease.which not treated by any specialist then I started to use twigs. After some time i checked by doctor and he was amazed.
And they said, what medicine you use to recover in short time. I said use only your medication
He said i could not recover so quickly from his medicine. If you think then I called on the mind I came away convinced that I am a MuslimI’ve been using miswaak When I showed that miswaak The doctor was very surprised. And was involved in the new study.