King Subgtagyn death

King Subgtagyn said to Sheikh abualfateh few days before his death, We human try to find techniques and efforts to alleviate.Its same like as butcher hold goat first time, And places his feet tightly. The goat disappointed with life and ready for death. Butcher cut her hairs
and leaves her to free after shearing. She is like jumping with joy.Butcher hold her second time and she is doubt within fear and hope And when the butcher to do the shearing is at it again she is a happy again. And leave the feeling of fear.Butcher hold her third time with idea to kill it when he drops her to the ground She does not have any fear. And think he will release her after some time and she is in a state of ignorance and fearless.And are given a knife to his neck and she passed away. Since we humans always like in trouble and problems
 Who are suffering and living in new diseases. They may be satisfied that every trouble and care of the disease in each release Even It will be the last disaster a death. In our throat and choke to death in a state of neglect, and our world ends.

جواب دیں

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