Islam is the only way of Life

Allah is a God worthy of worship muhammmad (PBUH) is his servant and messenger of Allah and the Quran is the word of God

Islam means “surrender”. “Salam” means peace, security

Islam is a not some faiths, or a combination of a few prayers , but complete life system and excellent rules in all walks of life,Islam is not a collection of some beliefs or a few meetings but a f full life system.Who shall leaders in all walks of life.and it Leads to the destination of life.And pave the highest achievement of the religion and the world.So bring your life under Islam. All your beliefs and ideas, practices and actions of Government and Politics Social Affairs and Industry and Trade under the Full Faith of islam. Those who do not full follow the islam, They follow the footsteps of Satan. He is the sworn enemy of them. and can’t hope for goodness from him.we can not combine Islam and Kufr and And full believe on Islam. To follow Islam in some parts of life and de-obey some parts of life in not permitted.

“افتومنون ببعض الکتاب و تکفرون ببعض”