Muhammad (PBUH)

Muhammad (PBUH) was Allah servant, His Messenger and prophet. We Muslims are his followers or community (Ummah)

He must have the belief that

  1. He (PBUH) was a human, a servant of Allah and His Messenger.
  2. He is the most exalted of all after Allah
  3. He is innocent and free from all sin
  4. Allah revealed the Holy Quran to him
  5. Allah invited him to Heavens on the night of Asceendence and showed him round the Heaven and Hell
  6. He performed a number of miracles by the will of Allah
  7. He offered abundant prayers and devotions to Allah
  8. His conduct and behavior were of the highest degree of virtuosity
  9. Allah endowed him with knowledge of many things past and pre sent of which he apprised his community
  10. Allah give him more knowledge than to any one else but he was not omniscient for omniscient is the special attribute of Allah
  11. He is the last of prophets in the sense that there will come no new prophet after him (Only Hadrat Isa [jesus] who is prophet of a predceing period will come down from heaven He too shall follow the Islamic Shariah)
  12. He is sent as prophet for all human and jennies
  13. He will intercede before Allah on behalf of sinners on the Day of Judgement by the will of Allah which fact gives him the title of Shaif ul muznibin (intercessor for sinners) Allah will also accept his intercession
  14. It is incumbent upon us his community to do as he has commanded and abstain from what he has forbidden and believe in the things and events he has told us about.
  15. It is incumbent upon every member of his community to give him love as well as regard and respect.  But the regard and respect thus poured on him should be within the framework prescribed by the Shariah. It is folly to consider things contrary to shariah as forms of love and respect towards him