A few spoken kufr sentences

1. Uttering a time of trouble, such as “I’ve seen I do not know why our home for trouble.”
2. Or the death of someone saying “I do not know why called him Allah,he greatest need of him in this age.”
3. God takes good people away early because he need them
4. Profanity Do not you feel sorry for kids
5. May God have I done to thee that I have put behind our house angel of death
6. Good adakaryyn film will go to Hell will be fun too will be the same
7. Often jokes that people write on Facebook “If you went into a haven for cigarette burning hell will have to come to us.”
8. Let’s say a prayer in the fun, man today is a day’s holiday prayers
9. Just wanted to say I had fun will get visa to go so easily become a Jew, Christian or Prophet
10. I asked him at the time he is finished
11. Do not be so good that the reward be less
12. God has made you a great opportunity
13. Zaid said the man may have been raining jayybkr us not forget that the man said
14. Someone mocked the Prophet is an unbeliever
15. Who held the world in your mind why you made the world [singing]
16. What are hsynun come to God I did not shed jatun [singing]
17. Become in my eyes you are. Type your God kdabn paid well [singing]
18. An invitation to prayer in order to seek what we have said that sin
19. One asked the other said Pl fun feeling like Nasr Allah and disbelief in order to say because I tried to change the verse
20. Rahman’s house created the devil and Satan home Rehman
21. Muslims were involved in the test

Mercy says worlds upon his tribulations before will be like come the good deeds of the dark night will believe a man in the morning and evening will be unbelievers in the evening will believe and disbelieve the morning with your religion will sell equipment for secular [Muslim 118, p 73]